Rediscovering the Bible Codes

When Drs. Eliyahu Rips, Doron Witztum and Yoav Rosenberg published their paper, "Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis" in the academic journal, Statistical Science, they literally shook the academic world. The whole world was even more shocked when Michael Drosnin released his bestselling book, The Bible Code, in 1997. In this book, he suggested that the Bible Codes could be used to predict the future (something we do not agree with). His follow-up books, Bible Code II: The Countdown, released in October of 2003 and Bible Code III: Saving the World in October, 2010 continue to shake the world. However, in our assessment, R. Edwin Sherman's book Bible Code Bombshell went the furthest to show that only YHWH could have truly authored the Bible using multiple writers.

The Bible Codes though, were not a secret to the nation of Israel and the Rabbinical communities throughout the world. Apparently, code research had been going on since the fifth century B.C.E., but the rabbis determined that it was better to keep this research to themselves. When the Michael Drosnin's books were released, suddenly every intelligence agency in the world began to research the Bible Codes. Mr. Drosnin even claimed in his second book that the now infamous Bill Clinton Administration White House Chief of Staff, John Podesta had called him in to ask several questions about the Bible Codes (pp. 68-74). As a result of this book and others, numerous national intelligence agencies have launched their own investigations into the Bible Codes. We have noticed that a surprising number of visitors to this website have been national intelligence agencies wanting to learn what we had discovered.

The Code Project of Israel

The biggest rumored project though, has been the "code project" inside Israel. First exposed in the B-movie: The Code Conspiracy, stories continue to persist about how the Bible Codes warned the Israeli government of an impending Iraqi invasion of Israel in 1996. They took precautions and the invasion was averted. The Israelis have an uncanny ability to understand world events as they relate to them. They were the first to see through former U.S. President Barak Hussein Obama, realizing he was an adherent of Islam, and that he was not to be trusted!

The Future of the Bible Codes

While much of the Bible Code research has been done behind closed doors using software not available to the general public, a rising community of Code Researchers has emerged around the world. These researchers are convinced that the Bible Codes should not be hidden, but shared to the world through websites like this one. The Bible and its codes should be shared with everyone, not locked up in vault somewhere, and just made available to individuals with high security clearances. The real code researchers freely release their discoveries, with the idea that everyone can use them and learn from them.

The Center for Bible Code Research

The Center for Bible Code Research is a research wing of the WhiteStone Foundation for Research. Our goal is to discover the deeper truths of the Bible through the Codes. While the Bible Codes cannot override the direct teachings of scripture, they can help us understand many of the mysteries of the scriptures that have previously resulted in arguments and even divisions between Christians and Jews. The Codes can also help us understand past events by separating the truth from the Mainstream Media's "historical spin." The Codes can also give us glimpses into the future, but we must be careful not to use them for fortune-telling and other divination purposes. However, they can be useful to test prophetic words given to the Body of the Messiah (Christ). We show an example of this in our Missiles of October Section.

The Bible Codes bring forth a pure truth that exposes false leaders. This explains why many preachers in the world of Christianity denounce the Bible Codes. Most corrupt preachers cannot afford to have the Bible Codes expose their "dirty laundry" for the world to see. They also want to control all aspects of their message to the Body of Christ. The Codes is a tool that the Holy Spirit can use to bring forth the truth and expose the lies.

Our goal is to expand our knowledge of the Bible Codes and learn how to use them to enhance the ministry of the Body of Christ. With this tool in hand, we can better walk in the truth and steer clear of the lies which have inhibited the Body of Christ for much of the Church Age. The truth is within our grasp, and the Bible Codes can help us to find that truth. Once we have it, we can share it and attain the fulfilled life that the patriarchs, Moses, Jesus, and the apostles taught about in the scriptures.

Contribute to the Center for Bible Code Research

Bible Code research takes a lot of time and a lot of money. Equipment must be upgraded and security must be tight at all times. The future of the world is hidden in these codes and what we find could make a difference in our world as we know it. To contribute, visit our contribution page or just click on the buttons at the top-right of this page and make a contribution there. We have many ways for you to support our work including multiple cryptocurrency options. Registered & Protected 

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