Hillary Rodham in the Bible Codes

We had to understand one thing when we did a Hillary Clinton Bible Code... Her legal name is NOT Hillary Clinton! It is Hillary Diane Rodham. She only started using the name Hillary Clinton to placate the voters in the 1982 Arkansas Governatorial Campaign. The Clinton for Governor campaign learned that people had a problem with a wife not identifying with her husband. It did not matter that she had her own career as a partner in the Rose Law Firm.

The Copper Scroll Incident
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When we understood this fact, we realized that many of the clues we needed had already been published in a book titled The Copper Scoll Incident published by Major Tom Baird on September 11, 2016. It turned out to be the day that Hillary Rodham fell leaving a campaign appearance. The book turned out to be prophetic when days later, Hillary Rodham's campaign chairman John Podesta was found to be engaged in the occult practice of "spirit cooking." When Wikileaks released the emails, the campaign collapsed, just as the book said it would. While Major Baird did not write this book to undermine the campaign of Hillary Clinton, it seemed to contribute to that collapse.

The Bible Code takes what Major Baird wrote and takes it one step further. From what we can see, her only goal in high office was to line her pockets with money. It didn't matter whether it was a deal to sell our Uranium to the Russians, our Intellectual Property to the Chinese, or one of many other scandals. Let's see what the Bible Code reveals:

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When we looked at this Bible Code, the first noticable thing we found missing was Heavener Mountain. A woman deeply into the occult has to tap into occult sources to get her power. Heavener Mountain would seem like a natural place to get that power, except for one little problem. We noticed that Maria Orsic's name was in the Bible Code, but it did not touch Hillary Rodham's name. Instead, it touched the ley line that Hillary was using, contaminating it. That would mean that Hillary could no longer draw power from that ley line. It seems that Maria Orsic was doing one more favor for the closest thing she had to a lover: Allen Dulles. Ironically, Mr. Dulles and his brother Foster were "Rockefeller Republicans" working for the Seven Royal Families.

During the election, many physicians speculated that Hillary Rodham had health problems. We could see from this Bible Code that she had issues with vamprism or blood contamination. When someone sells their soul to the devil, he leaves his "mark" on them usually in the form of a blood disease. That blood disease requires that people get frequent transfusions of blood or they die. That is why we see so many in Hollywood looking very poorly as of late. We have even heard from some intelligence sources that Hillary is dead and that her place is being taken by "doubles" like the one who was seen walking around after she collapsed on September 11, 2016. Unfortunately for the Hillary campaign, facial recognition experts could spot almost immediately that the woman portraying Hillary was not Hillary.

It seems that Hillary has been consorting with the Russian SVR (Foreign Intelligence Serivce) and the GRU (the Main Intelligence Directorate), along with the Chinese Ministry of State Security in an effort to break this curse. It is no wonder that she was willing to sell the United States of America "down the river" if she could get a cure.

Back in the 1930s, William Branham prophesied that a woman would arise into "high office" that would destroy this nation. It was a prophecy he would mention many times in his meetings, up to and until his death on December 24, 1965. Most of his friends assumed that "high office" meant President of the United States. However, the famous diplomat: Heinz Alfred "Henry" Kissinger was asked if he would be interested in running for President of the United States, his response was as follows:

"...the power of that office is very limited..."

When someone reads that quote, they realize that maybe, the office of Secretary of State is the most powerful office in the United States of America and that William Branham was right. As we do more Bible Codes on Ms. Rodham, we need to figure out what additional damages this woman has done to this country. Bookmark this page to stay updated with what we may learn.

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