Who's Managing the Minions?

On the last page, we discovered that there was NOT a direct connection between the Trump Administration and Ancient Evil... However, we did find a direct connection between "Ancient Evil" and Jared Kushner. But what got us more interested was the word that connected Trump with "Ancient Evil," the Hebrew word Shadim which is translated "Devils" in the Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible. We know from deliverance sessions that Shadim are merely go-between demons who work for other, higher ranking demons. Who are these demons?

Donald Trump at St. John's Episcopal Church holding a Bible

One clue we need to consider was an event that caught our attention a couple of days ago was when President Trump walked to St. John's Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C. after a fire was ignited at the church by alleged ANTIFA protestors the night before. Protected by a troop of National Guardsmen and Secret Service officials, President Trump stopped for a "photo-op" in front of the church.

President Trump Holding a Bible

When you listened to the mainstream media shortly thereafter, you will hear church officials from all the "mainstream denominations" sanctimoniously condemn the President for walking to the church, especially when the church sign said "all are welcome!" It is also interesting that services at the church have been "canceled until further notice" (that is if you can read around the "smushed up" lettering on their website). It should be further noted that President Trump is holding what appears to be a "Revised Standard Version" of the Bible that was used at The White House.

The question that some are asking now is why did President Trump decide to go to this church? Some would say that it is because of the fire the night before. Could there be deeper reasons? Our question becomes what does this photo-op have to do with the Bible Codes? When we look at the following Bible Code, we will get our answer:

Bible Code Matrix and Key

Click Here to download a PDF version of this Bible Code.

Pope Meets with Evangelical Leaders

It was no shock to us that the ancient demon Lilith decided to make an appearance in this Bible Code. Lilith is well-known for appearing as the Virgin Mary to unsuspecting Christians (since the first century) and for its ability to take away worship from YHWH and His Son Yahushua (Jesus). Our late friend Olaf Hage has researched this subject extensively and has written newsletters on the subject. It is clear that this demon has infiltrated many of the clergy advisors President Trump relies upon for spiritual advice. The Ecumenical Movement in the Protestant denominations has forged strong ties with the Roman Catholic Church and many church organizations are now beginning talks to merge back into the "mother church." Even many "conservative" Pentecostal and Charismatic Church leaders are embracing the idea. The idea of a "one-world religion" has always been a part of New World Order planning.

The Joker

But as we evaluated this Bible Code further, we discovered another high-ranking demon managing the action. The Hebrew letter "Mem" is found in Shadim but also in Ashima, who we know as "the Joker" and "Pan" among his other names. The Joker is long on selling and promises but when it comes to delivering on the promises, there is much left to be desired. We saw this when Drs. Fauci and Birx went to the White House to explain about the COVID-19 situation. They said that unless we did a "nationwide lockdown" millions of people were going to die of COVID-19.

Dr. Neil Ferguson

They then presented projections done by Dr. Neil Ferguson and his team of the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease at Imperial College of London, England. Omitted from Drs. Fauci's and Birx's recommendations was the fact that Dr. Ferguson's projections for other disease epidemics were overstated considerably. Now, we have an economic downturn and politicians trying to use this misfortune to enhance their own political futures. Even worse, with no sporting events going on and people's frustrations at new highs, unrest in major cities has caused many state governors to call out their National Guard to quell the unrest. The Joker is laughing up a storm from his hellish location.

We only have six words in our Bible Code and already, we are seeing a nightmare. What else is this Bible Code going to tell us? Click here to go to the next Bible Code in the series.

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