Surviving the Hellhounds...

In the lore of the TV Show Supernatural, those people who sell their souls to the devil (Ancient Evil) get to live a specified number of years, usually ten years (as we saw in the video on the previous page). After their time has expired, the devil then sends his "hellhounds" to collect their bodies so as to complete the bargain they have made. In our experience, we have found that the negotiated lifespan can be extended, sometimes multiple times, if the person who has sold their soul continues to serve Ancient Evil well and helps him meet his goals and objectives.

To give an an example, many years ago, a very famous evangelist told his followers that if he did not raise ten million dollars for a project that he claimed God told him to do, that "God would take him home." He proceeded to raise the money and indeed, he got to live a few more years. While the Christian press treated the statement with a considerable amount of skepticism, we realized right then and there that many years before, he had sold his soul to the devil. The devil allowed him to live as long as he could draw off contributions from faithful Christians that should have gone to legitimate Christian ministries. When he outlived his usefulness, he died.

The same is holding true for William Gates III... as long as he is fruitful in his work for "Ancient Evil," he gets to continue to live. If he fails in the objectives that Ancient Evil has specified for him, then he will die before his time. The same thing could be said for George "Georgi Schwartz" Soros who is shelling out money to ANTIFA clearly faster than he is making it.

It is becoming clear that Bill Gates' objective is to vaccinate every man, woman, and child in the world giving them chemicals that will adjust their DNA so that they no longer desire to know YHWH. Everything his Foundation has been doing has that in mind. As we study this expanded Bible Code, we begin to learn a little more about the enigma that is Bill Gates:

Bible Code Matrix Bible Code Key

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One of the words that shocked us with its presence, was "Lilith," a demon known for faking "Marian Apparitions" and other "slight of hand" tricks when the situation suited him. But then, with the CIVID-19 scare, coupled with fake "epidemic projections" and a quarantine (of well people, not sick ones), Bill needed someone with a lot of tricks "up their sleeve." Couple that with Mr. Gates' frequent statements regarding "population reduction," and Lilith's "slight of hand" was just what he needed. However, the word "holocaust" is still in this Bible Code and we cannot forget that it is Bill Gates' stated goal to reduce the world population to the Georgia Guidestone level of 800 million.

We also noticed that all the neo-con Nazis spirits are present as well. While Bill Gates is nominally a Democrat, we do see the "Black Sun" presence of Sorath, the Joker image of Ashima, the beastly presence of Thiron, and the Babylon demon Nergal (remember the Exorcist movies) hanging around to "help" make sure Bill does what he is supposed to. However, this Bible Code makes it clear that "Ancient Evil" will give the initial order to distribute the vaccine to Cain, who will then set everything in motion either late this year or next year (Jewish Year 5781). Of course, that may depend upon whether they can get a Nephilim deal made so they can build one. This could be why they are distributing the vaccine in multiple doses that will now be completed until late 2022, 2023, or 2024 at the latest. Another note that should be made is that these above named demons do not like having to rely on people like Bill Gates to achieve what "Ancient Evil" wants. If Bill Gates fails, the demons will get blamed. Right now, the souls of Bill and Melinda Gates hang in the balance. If they fail, the hellhounds get them.

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