The Missiles of October!

A Prophetic Word Received by Larry Taylor, Spiritual Detective and Prophet of the Lord

Larry Taylor (read his biography on this page) had this prophetic dream in the early 1990's. In this dream, he was shown a long line of missile silos. From his experience serving in the United States Air Force, he knew these missiles were InterContinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs), the nuclear-tipped missiles that nobody thought would ever be fired! There was no indication in the dream as to what country these missiles belonged to (The Bible Code on the next page would give that answer).

As the dream began to progress, he started seeing the the very thing that everyone thought would never happen, the missiles were being fired! He watched with horror as these missiles lifted out of their silos. He noted that not all the missiles were fired, but only a certain number were fired. He watched as the missiles left their silos, flew up into the sky, reaching their apogee, and then start to fall back toward the earth, towards their target.

Larry could not see determine what the target was, but as the missiles began to fall towards their targets, he heard a loud audible voice in his dream which announced,

"These Are

The most mystifying part of this vision though, is that the vision gave Larry no indication as to the year that these events would take place. He just knows that these visions will take place sometime in the future.

Since that time, many people (including Larry) have speculated as to what year this could happen, but no word from the LORD has ever come to him or anyone else to answer the proverbial "$64,0000 Question." If someone feels that the YHWH has given them the answer to this intriguing question, please email us at and we will give your information serious consideration.

Click Here to see the Bible Code that Verifies the Vision

Larry Taylor Biography

Larry Taylor is a Veteran of 30+ years in the Law Enforcement field, serving a variety of County Sheriff's Offices and Local Police Departments in Texas and Oklahoma. As a detective for several of these law enforcement agencies, Larry has worked cases with the FBI and the Texas Rangers. He has also solved a number of "cold case" files during his career.

Now that Larry has "retired" from the official side of the Law Enforcement world, he is still a State of Oklahoma-licensed Private Investigator. He still takes cases from time to time, even though much of his work is of a spiritual nature.

His main work these days is the ministry YHWH has given him, publishing a daily Internet news report called From the Edge Alerts. He also edits and mails out a periodic newsletter titled the Hyssop Chronicles. He also works with Stewart Best on a number of radio and video programs. Larry and his wife Darnette now reside in Eastern Oklahoma.

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